The music service developed by YouTube is constantly trying to fight with competing platforms in the field of music streaming. Competing with Spotify is difficult, of course, but YouTube does not give up and regularly adds new features to YouTube Music. This time, the producers decided to add a new tab called Explore to the service.

The new Explore tab as planned is to enable users to find new songs. The system will propose new songs to be listened basing on currently listened recordings. In addition, users will be able to determine what kind of music they are currently looking for and it will also be possible to sort the songs. Sorting songs will be fully personalized, so users will be able to create groups of songs depending on the genre or create playlists with specific moods in mind. Until now, Explore feature was available to a closed group of testers, but YouTube has already officially confirmed that new features added to YouTube Music are gradually being made available to customers around the world.